5 Reasons to Have Your Teeth Cleaned on a Regular Basis

Your smile is very important and worth investing your time and money. Smiling can make your day better and make you feel great, even when you initially do not want to. This is contagious to those around you, who will also benefit from your joyous behavior. Your smile displays your level of confidence and shows that you are a proud individual who is capable of taking on the world. Smiling also makes you seem very approachable and trustworthy.Dental Care by Dr Ronald Hull

Though the smile is an important communication tool, many people neglect to care for their teeth on a regular basis. Having your teeth cleaned by a professional Marietta dentist should be a part of your standard maintenance routine. Here are 5 reasons to have your teeth cleaned on a regular basis.


  1. Aids in Cavity Prevention

Plaque is a white substance that builds up on your teeth and leads to tooth decay. Of course, brushing and flossing regularly is your biggest defense against this cavity-creating culprit, but home maintenance alone will not completely remove plaque buildup. Your dentist and dental hygienists have the tools and expertise that is needed to rid your teeth of plaque buildup, but only temporarily. For this reason, it is important to make regular appointments for cleanings.


  1. Prevents Gum Disease

This oral health issue can move deep within your gums and destroy the jaw itself. Your jaw is responsible for actually holding the teeth in place. Once your jaw has been compromised, the teeth may become loose and fall out. Gum disease often begins as painful, red and swollen gums. It normally hurts to brush and floss, and you might even bleed. Have your teeth cleaned on a regular basis to help to prevent gum disease or treat the issue if it develops.


  1. Brighten that Smile

As previously discussed, the smile is a powerful tool that can lead to great social and professional success. A good smile is linked to many positive benefits. Having your teeth cleaned will help to keep your smile bright and healthy.


  1. Keep Your Breath Fresh

Even if you are an avid brusher and floss regularly, your breath may stink due to your teeth. Food particles can become lodged out of reach, and other oral issues will give you bad breath. Having bad breath will kill your confidence and deter others from being around you. Visiting your dentist regularly for cleanings will help to keep your breath fresh.


  1. Save Long Term

Extensive dental treatments can be very expensive. If you do not properly care for your teeth, you might find yourself needing very costly treatments down the road. Have your teeth cleaned on a regular basis to keep them healthy, beautiful and save you a bit of money long term.

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