5 Things to Always Ask Your Dentist

Most people do not think about their teeth when they consider their overall health, but maintaining your oral health is an essential part of avoiding many dangerous bodily health conditions. Of course, the thought of swollen, discolored gums, losing teeth or having chronic bad breath is enough to keep most patients on a regular schedule for dental exams and procedures.

Your dentist is every bit as important as your regular care physician, and you should keep communication between the two of you fluid. Keep in mind that your dentist is an expert when it comes to your teeth. If you have any concerns or questions, always take the opportunity to ask. Here is a list of top questions to always ask your Marietta family dentist at your next appointment.

  1. Is There Anything I Can Do to Improve My Oral Health?

There are general guidelines for oral health that everyone should follow. These include brushing at leastDental Care by Dr Ronald Hull | Dental Paradise twice daily or after every meal, as well as flossing every day. However, no two mouths are the same, and you may need to do a few extra things to keep your teeth and gums as healthy as possible. Your Marietta dentist can customize a plan of care for you, such as brushing more often or switching to a new toothbrush with firmer or softer bristles. They will also be able to tell you if you are getting too much or too little fluoride. Regular dental exams can also be scheduled. If you have seen any new products on the market, never be afraid to ask your dentist about using them.

  1. How Can You Help Me to Improve My Dental Health?

Your dentist has an arsenal of tricks to help you to improve your dental health. These may include night guards, bad breath solutions or braces to adjust the structure of your teeth. Though your dentist is an expert, they are not able to read minds. Always disclose any pains or problems that you are experiencing so that your dentist may optimize your oral care.

  1. How is My Dental Health?

After your general exam, always ask your doctor about the status of your dental health. This is not just about the way your teeth and gums look. Your dentist can talk to you about bone density, lumps or bumps that they discover, osteoporosis and grinding.

  1. Should I Bring Anything to My Regular Doctor?

Many people forget that their oral health and physical health are directly related. Your dentist might discover something that you need to speak to your regular doctor about. Your teeth are capable of providing vital clues that point to other conditions.

  1. Is There Anything I Need to Know from My Doctor?

Some medications and conditions can cause complications with your oral health. Do not forget to read pamphlets that come with medications that might disclose this information, and always ask your doctor about how certain conditions might impact your teeth.  

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