Chew Your Way to a Better Smile with These 4 Foods for Healthy Teeth

Sometimes the answer for improving your health and hygiene is less about adding or subtracting activities from your day as it is simply changing the ones you already do. Case in point: you can eat your way to a brighter smile and cleaner gums just by swapping out some of the items on your next grocery run.

In this spirit, we at Dental Paradise have taken the time to review a few sources on cosmetic dentistry and compile this list of four foods for healthy teeth that help improve your chompers all on their own with advice from professional teeth whitening providers:

Sugar Free GumMarietta Gentle Dentistry

Candy and sweets are well-known cavity instigators, especially when allowed to linger for too long between brushings. Normal gum falls in this category, too, since it introduces high levels of sugar directly in between your teeth where bacteria likes to hide.

Sugar-free gum, on the other hand, happens to be good for your teeth and not just because sugar has taken a leave of absence. The act of chewing gum stimulates saliva, which naturally washes away acids created by bacteria feeding off of sugars they find in your mouth. Saliva can also strengthen teeth with its traces of calcium and phosphate.

Just don’t chew sugar-free gum if you have a nighttime grinding problem because the repetitive jaw movement will only encourage the habit to get worse!

Raw, Crunchy Veggies Like Celery and Carrots

Break out the hummus and crudités! Nibbling bunny style on raw veggies like cucumber, celery, carrots and others happens to be a healthy choice not just for your nutrition but for your mouth as well. The crunching, chewing motion stimulates saliva just like chewing gum does, and the water-rich vegetables also provide your gums with the bath they need to wash away acids and excess plaque.

According to WebMD,  crunchy fruits like apples and pears can also provide the same benefit.


Say cheese! The next time you go to the store, that is.

A study published in the journal General Dentistry noted that teens who regularly ate cheddar cheese enjoyed positive side effects in the form of lower mouth acid levels. Since acidity is what eats away at your enamel, the pH-raising effects of chewing on a mouthful of firm cheeses can protect your gums and teeth with the added benefit of introducing extra calcium into your diet.

Black Tea

Tea time should become a regular occurrence when avoiding plaque—that’s the goal.

Research conducted through the University of Illinois at Chicago discovered that people who rinsed their mouths with brewed black tea ten times a day had significantly less plaque buildup than the control group. That plaque was also less sticky, making it easier to brush away. Black tea’s plaque-busting benefits come courtesy of compounds called polyphenols, which also have a bonus effect of reducing bacteria that causes bad breath.

While not everyone has the time to swish a cup around 10 times a day, drinking tea instead of coffee in the morning can not only reduce staining but give you a cleaner, better-smelling smile.

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