Dental Fears Not Uncommon

Roughly 20 percent of the population fear going to the dentist and avoid making trips altogether due to their anxiety. If you are one of these people, you know that going and receiving dental treatments is not so simple. Dental phobia is a very real condition that causes anxiety in patients.

Though it is important to maintain a beautiful smile and manage your oral health, the act of going to the dentist is nearly impossible for those who have this fear. If you experience trouble sleeping the night before your appointment, anxiety that escalates as you enter the office, crying or feeling sick to your stomach and extreme uneasiness, you might have a phobia of going to your local Marietta dentist.

The Fear of Pain

Being afraid of going to the dentist normally stems from a number of different, separate fears. The most common is pain. Those who suffer from dental phobia are afraid that the procedures that they have completed will hurt. This often stems from childhood regarding the dentist. Thanks to modern medicine, most dental proceedings are absolutely pain free. Fully understanding this fact should help ease your fears when it comes to visiting your Marietta dentist.

Fear of Losing Your Control

People who are afraid to go to the dentist do not like who one must lay still and let the dentist perform their procedures. For people with a dental phobia, this is equal to being tied down to the bed and undergoing an operation without anesthesia. Of course, you do have some element of control, and it is important to remember this and not let your anxiety get the best of you as you go to your regularly scheduled appointment.


An additional reason why people fear or do not like visiting their local dentist is because they are embarrassed of the condition of their teeth or oral health. They do not want anyone, much less dental professionals, looking at their teeth. Dentists are there to bring your oral health up to top levels. They will provide you with the smile you desire so that you no longer have to feel embarrassed.

Should You Fear the Dentist?

The answer is no. The dentist has chosen their profession to help you to overcome certain life and health issues. They are often very passionate about their skill and patient care is always the number one concern. Having a fear of the dentist could hold you back from receiving many different benefits of keeping a regular dental hygiene schedule.

The bottom line is, your Marietta dentist is here to help. For more information, visit our services page or contact a representative with Dental Paradise today.