The Importance of Family Dentistry

Feature_Photo_MouthMirror-696We all know how important oral health is. Keeping your teeth clean, strong and healthy not only
allows you to have a beautiful smile for your whole life, but can help to reduce the chances of
infections, heart disease and even cancer.

It’s a vital part of your overall health and wellness routine. Family dentistry is becoming more important than ever, and there are many reasons why.
Here’s a look at the importance of family dentistry and why regular visits to a family dentist goes
far beyond just keeping your teeth clean.

Family Dentistry and Dental Health


Family dentistry is vital to maintaining your oral health. At every checkup the dentist is going to
give you a thorough examination to check for issues like periodontal disease or even oral cancer.
Catching the signs of these diseases early is vital to stopping them before they become more
serious health issues. Your family dentist can offer many important health services such as
fillings, crowns, extraction, whitening, bridges, dentures, braces and retainers.


Preventative Dental Care


Your family dentist’s primary focus is going to be on preventative care. They will work hard to
make sure that your smile remains healthy, white and strong. You hopefully engage in a good
routine of brushing and flossing at home, but professional tooth cleaning is vital to keeping your
smile sturdy and beautiful. It removes problems your brush and floss can’t get to and prevents
tooth decay, cavities and problems like infection, bone loss and the like.
Always remember, it’s much easier to prevent issues than it is to fix them once they occur. Your
family dentist plays a vital role in this preventative care.


Setting an Example


We all want our children to maintain good oral health, but simply telling them how important
dental visits are doesn’t always do the trick. You need to set an example, and your kids are going
to mimic what you do. Having a family dentist is a perfect way to accomplish this. When you
visit the dentist twice a year, and your kids see you doing it, they’re more likely to also develop a
strong routine of oral health.
You can even try to schedule your appointments together, so you and your kids can go at the
same time, or back-to-back. That way you can make it a family bonding activity as well! The
more you do together as a family, the stronger you’ll be.


Specialists and Bedside Manner


Family dentists tend to have great bedside manner. For kids, going to the dentist can be a scary
thing. Let’s face it: even a basic tooth cleaning isn’t completely comfortable. But a family dentist
knows how to approach the topic with care and sensitivity to put everyone at ease.
There are many reasons why you should have regular visits to your family dentist. If you’re in
the Marietta area and are looking for a new family practice for your oral health, read about our
services and call us to schedule an appointment today!