The Power of the Smile!

Did you know that you smile tells many secrets about your inner being? Studies have shown that a person’s smile directly correlates with how successful they are in many areas of life, from work to marriage. How can such a simple action have such a profound impact on life? Smiling shows that you are truly joyful, confident, happy and loving. It is an action that is associated with nothing but positive verbs and adjectives. For this reason, smiling naturally has tremendous powers and can impact your life and the others around you in phenomenal ways.

If you are reserved with your smile, that will show, too. Perhaps you would love to be a person who did not hold back and instead let your joy shine, but you are embarrassed about your oral health or dental appearance. Believe it or not, the way that you feel about your teeth can have an effect on many areas in your life. Here is some valuable information on the power of smiling.

Confidence is the Key to Success

Those who study smiling and the correlation the action has with other parts of a person’s life have discovered that the bigger and more genuine a person’s smile, the more successful that person is in multiple areas of their life. Smiling directly correlates with confidence. The more confident a person is, the more likely they will be to go out and reach their goals or conquer their endeavors. Those who have great smiles are not normally individuals who hold back in life, but are the go-getters and doers.

Your Smile is Contagious Dental Care at Dental Paradise

It is a known fact: People are drawn to others who smile. This is because they radiate joy and confidence. Have you ever been having a bad day and ran into that one person who flashed you their pearly whites and made the rest of your afternoon and evening a bit brighter? Smiling has the power to spread happiness from one person to another in a fraction of a second.

The act of smiling can dry tears, give assurance, make someone feel loved and beautiful and change another’s whole outlook on their life. You should make it your personal mission to smile at people that you see throughout the day. You never know what effect it will have, but you can almost guarantee that it will be positive — that’s the power of smiling.

Smiling Will Make You Feel Better

Those who smile often are generally happier and more content than people who do not smile at all. Even on the days when you do not feel like smiling much, trying to keep a smile might help you to feel a bit better. Boost your own confidence by smiling more often and show off one of your most beautiful features.

Speaking of your smile, it deserves only the best care. At Dental Paradise, a Marietta dental service, we know the power of smiling and strive to provide you with the best service. For more information, visit our services page or contact a representative with Dental Paradise today.